FameBit’s influencer marketing platform allows brands to sell their products/services through FameBit’s creators.

Brands can submit campaigns with a minimum bid of $100. FameBit’s creators can then express interest in submitted campaigns and if selected by the brand, will create social media content for the campaign to promote the brand to their social media following.

FameBit charges a service fee percentage atop each campaign. For companies seeking to use FameBit, here’s how to create a campaign within their influencer marketing platform dashboard:

Upon clicking on “Create Campaign,” the user will be prompted to select social media channels. Presently, FameBit’s influencer marketing platform supports YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, and Facebook. The user can select multiple social channels.

Once social channels are selected, the user is prompted to fill in campaign details including title, pertinent details, a URL, and submission deadline. Additionally, the user has the options to upload a product photo and specify a campaign category (Beauty & Fashion, Gaming & Apps, Health & Fitness, Pets, Tech, or Other).

After FameBit approves the newly created campaign, creators and influencers can begin submitting bids.

Within the dashboard, FameBit segments information between “Proposals” and “Content” with a variety of subsections designed to facilitate workflow (messaging, actions required, pending approval).

FameBit provides a shortlist of featured creators sortable by category. Users can also view creators hired in past campaigns along with their social channels and initial stats.

Source: FameBit Review: YouTube Influencer Marketing Platform

Published by sabguthrie | Scott Guthrie

Scott Guthrie works with companies to drive business growth in the social age through strategic insight and technical know-how.

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