For creators and social media influencers seeking to increase earning potential, establishing a profile on FameBit (amongst other influencer marketing platforms including Popular Pays and Izea) and being active on the platform will aid discovery and supply brand campaign opportunities.

For brands, advertisers, and those seeking to work with creators, FameBit’s offer platform provides a way to receive bids from interested social media influencers.

While the best platforms may boast thousands of influencers, many of the world’s best creators eschew these platforms opting instead to work through managers, MCNs, YouTube influencer agencies, and influencer marketing agencies.

In general, platforms allow for quick one-offs in instances where nuanced branding efforts, higher-level collaboration, and long-term strategy are not critical. To truly utilize the existing potential of these self-service platforms, users must already possess a solid grasp of constructing, managing, and executing influencer marketing strategies.

The Pros Of FameBit’s Influencer Marketing Platform

  • Campaign management dashboard
  • Messaging/Communications
  • Ability to sort platform’s top creators
  • Payment portal
  • Brands can submit campaigns of $100 or more
  • Creators can respond to campaigns based on interest level

The Cons Of FameBit’s Influencer Marketing Platform

  • Limited campaign scope/possibilities
  • Requires user to fully understand influencer marketing strategies and concepts in order to maximize platform use
  • Requires user to fully understand how to properly find/identify influencers
  • Limited influencers and creators on platform

Source: FameBit Review: YouTube Influencer Marketing Platform

Published by sabguthrie | Scott Guthrie

Scott Guthrie works with companies to drive business growth in the social age through strategic insight and technical know-how.

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