Time Inc., the magazine publisher, and YouTube network, StyleHaul, have signed a multiyear advertising partnership.

Howard Homonoff, writing in Forbes, explains what the old school and new kid on the block media companies hope to win from the long-term relationship:

Time Inc. 

For Time Inc.’s established magazines (and their own writers and editors), StyleHaul exposes them to a new and highly valued audience, helps them measure the engagement with that audience in new ways, and helps shape and understand the reaction to storytelling for an interactive environment.


For StyleHaul, a partnership like this provides a still valuable “legitimacy” of working with a company like Time, Inc. Furthermore, the partnership is already beginning to help it rethink what it looks for in its “influencers” or “creators.” We’ve come a long way from just making up cute YouTube videos in a bedroom. Can we find folks that can collaborate with sophisticated storytellers across platforms and help deliver an experience that works for an advertiser? That’s a unique value proposition.


For brands (in this case Walgreens), it is a means of integrating the exploding “influencer marketing” world into the rhythm of its practical branding and marketing operations and testing its impact.


For the consumer, the opportunity is there to participate in and even shape a seamless experience across the Time Inc. and StyleHaul platforms with style-oriented brands through content and content creators you value, rather than simply “seeing” traditional ads.

Source: Time, Inc. And YouTube Influencer Network StyleHaul Launch Brand Partnerships – Forbes

Additional story references are at:

Source: Time Inc. and YouTube Network StyleHaul Form Partnership to Serve Marketers – Advertising Age


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