Most 16-24-year-olds don’t trust social media influencer endorsements says a new report.

Gen Z consumers condemn influencer endorsements as putting fast cash above credibility.

According to the Youth Report by Protein – a marketing consultancy – young consumers see today’s influencer landscape as characterised by “monotonous and inauthentic ‘paid-to-post’ mechanisms”.

“When a celebrity or influencer endorses a brand or product on social media, 62% of the youth think the individual doesn’t care about the product – they just want to get paid,”  according to Will Rowe, Protein’s CEO.

There is a wide – and growing – gulf between influencer marketing, influencer advertising, influencer relations and celebrity endorsement. If the umbrella discipline of influencer marketing fails to develop best practice it will kill the golden goose.


Source: Generation Z shuns celebrity/influencer endorsements – research | Beverage Industry News | just-drinks

Published by sabguthrie | Scott Guthrie

Scott Guthrie works with companies to drive business growth in the social age through strategic insight and technical know-how.

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