In this guest post for Mobile Marketing Watch  Harvey Schwartz, EVP Talent & Founding Partner of WHOSAY writes about the importance of authenticity in influencer marketing.

Schwartz advocates influencers sign a ‘Statement of Authenticity’ which acknowledges that they have both used and enjoyed the product they’re due to promote.

Ultimately successful influencer marketing is co-created between influencer and brand. Campaigns work best when brands lay out the messaging touch points within the creative brief and allow influencers to develop the creative content which both touches the brand messaging whilst appealing to their followers.

Schwartz says you can’t measure authenticity in advance. However,  you can benchmark organic posts that follow a similar theme to the brand campaign and look to achieve similar results.

This means tracking back through a short-listed influencer’s recent posts and ensuring the:

  1. Ratio of sponsored to organic content is in synch.
  2. The influencer hasn’t worked with your competitor recently.
  3. Tone of voice and values are commensurate with your brand.

According to Schwartz:

It’s important to review past social feeds for content that falls in line with the brand theme, as well as look at previous sponsored posts. And the single most important tip is to have an actual call/discussion with the influencer to address any concerns and fully understand if they are the right ambassador for the brand.

Successful relationships between influencer and brand evolve over time. The essence of influence is the human spark an influencer can ignite with his/her followers. For influencer marketing campaign work to flourish a similar human spark must be present between brand, marketer, and influencer.

Source: Why Authenticity in Influencer Marketing Is Not a Fad – Mobile Marketing Watch

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Scott Guthrie works with companies to drive business growth in the social age through strategic insight and technical know-how.

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