There are three key takeaways from BrandChannel’s interview with Intel’s ‎Global Brand & Innovation Communications Manager, Nicole Smith.


Influencer marketing is best when co-created over the long-term

“We also maintain consistent relationships with influencers we work with. Successful influencer marketing is not just asking for content, but it’s a true give and take relationship based on trust and an open sharing of ideas.”

Measurement and evaluation need to be tied back to objectives

“Is your goal to enhance brand perception and introduce your company to a new audience in a unique way? Or is it to drive immediate sales for something available for purchase? In some cases, it might be a little bit of both.”

Engagement wins over, reach

Smith explains that reach and impressions are a poor proxy for measuring success. Instead, Intel measures the engagement levels of their sponsored content and compares that against the engagement levels enjoyed by the influencer’s organic content.

“We measure success in a variety of ways, but the primary indicator is engagement. I am less concerned with how many views something received vs. how many people engaged with the content. Did people share, comment, or click through to a website link we provided? If so, is the number on par with the influencer’s original content?”


The article also explains that Intel’s social and digital influencer strategy has saved about $3.3 million and created 150 new influencer relationships worldwide. I would have liked to have learned more about these figures.

It was not immediately clear from the story whether the $3.3m represented a cost saving generated from cutting out agencies and working with influencers directly – or whether money was saved via diverting spend from different marketing areas – i.e. digital advertising.

Source: brandchannel: Influencer Marketing: 5 Questions With Intel’s Nicole Smith

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