There is a need within the influencer marketing discipline to provide rigorous, third-party monitoring and evaluation of campaign success.

Two companies, Ahalogy and Sylo, have both launched new influencer marketing measurement products.

A key quote from this Digiday article reads:

“Influencer marketing is increasingly a big piece of our content distribution strategy, as we see these creators as partners of the brand helping us to build deeper connections with the young millennials who look up to them,” said PepsiCo head of brand marketing and media strategy Obioma Enyia. Enyia added that robust tracking and social media metrics have made the medium more transparent, and it is important to be realistic and specific on what “success” means. “While it’s easy as marketers to rely on benchmarks and traditional online metrics like views, we have to take into account others that might signal more engagement through actions taken.”

Marketers and brands must move away from their fixation with theoretical reach, and page impressions.

Engagement is more worthwhile, but, better still is tracking actions that people take once they’ve consumed a piece of branded content.  For example, how many people clicked through to a company website.

Measurement is about setting effective objectives upfront. Quantifiable measures which are aligned with business objectives. Know what success looks like before you start working with influencers.

Source: ‘We’re competing against crap’: The race is on to provide influencer marketing analytics – Digiday

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Scott Guthrie works with companies to drive business growth in the social age through strategic insight and technical know-how.

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