The need for third-party influencer marketing measurement and evaluation

There is a need within the influencer marketing discipline to provide rigorous, third-party monitoring and evaluation of campaign success. Two companies, Ahalogy and Sylo, have both launched new influencer marketing measurement products. A key quote from this Digiday article reads: “Influencer marketing is increasingly a big piece of our content distribution strategy, as we see […]

How Boots used advocates to build its new skincare brand 

Rebecca Stewart explains in The Drum how Boots took a completely new approach to product development by integrating advocates into every step of the development process. It’s a story about how the pharmaceutical giant took three years to bring to marketing its first own-brand skincare range in over 20 years. Kirsty McCready, global director of consumer […]

Intel’s approach to influencer marketing

There are three key takeaways from BrandChannel’s interview with Intel’s ‎Global Brand & Innovation Communications Manager, Nicole Smith.   Influencer marketing is best when co-created over the long-term “We also maintain consistent relationships with influencers we work with. Successful influencer marketing is not just asking for content, but it’s a true give and take relationship […]

Forecasting authenticity in influencer marketing

In this guest post for Mobile Marketing Watch  Harvey Schwartz, EVP Talent & Founding Partner of WHOSAY writes about the importance of authenticity in influencer marketing. Schwartz advocates influencers sign a ‘Statement of Authenticity’ which acknowledges that they have both used and enjoyed the product they’re due to promote. Ultimately successful influencer marketing is co-created between […]

Use influencers to build brands not just awareness

There’s a lot to agree with in this Forbes article by Nichole Brandt, VP of Influencer Marketing at XOMA: Source: How To Integrate Influencers Into Every Aspect Of Your Marketing     Influencers should be incorporated into every aspect of marketing — from product creation to market research and all the way through campaign planning and marketing […]

16-24 year olds wary of influencer endorsement says report

Most 16-24-year-olds don’t trust social media influencer endorsements says a new report. Gen Z consumers condemn influencer endorsements as putting fast cash above credibility. According to the Youth Report by Protein – a marketing consultancy – young consumers see today’s influencer landscape as characterised by “monotonous and inauthentic ‘paid-to-post’ mechanisms”. “When a celebrity or influencer endorses […]

Influencers desert Snapchat for Instagram Stories

Data on top influencers shows they’ve been posting less and less on Snapchat in the last six months. The sample size used in this report by Mediakix is not statistically robust, but the results may indicate a direction of travel for influencer marketing on Snapchat. Both the combined number and average number of Snapchats posted […]

Influencer Marketing And The Power of Data Science

Test curation post Bill Sussman is President of influencer marketing firm Collective Bias, an Inmar company. He thinks that blah, blah, blah is the only way forward: “Earned media value (EMV) should no longer be the standard for the influencer marketing industry. Here’s how influencer marketing measurement has evolved and what new benchmarks for ROI mean […]