FTC lacks power to levy finds on influencer first offenders

David Vladeck, former FTC Director of Consumer Protection, said it is unlikely punishments will become more severe any time soon, since the agency does not have the power to levy fines on first offenses under the Federal Trade Commission Act. – http://www.reuters.com/article/usa-regulator-influencers-idUSL1N1A0298

Why celebrity endorsement is not influencer marketing

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Big budgets don’t guarantee trust. Connecting with the right people builds trust – writes Scott Guthrie Being popular isn’t the same thing as being influential. Mickey Mouse is popular. Katy Perry is popular. But you wouldn’t think to turn to Mickey or Katy to influence your decision to buy a…

How to identify influencers using the four S model

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Identifying the most appropriate influencers at scale is a blend of art and science. The influencer identification four S model breaks the process into core elements – writes Scott Guthrie. 75% of communications professionals say identifying relevant influencers for brand strategy is their biggest influencer challenge. For smaller companies –…