FameBit Review: YouTube Influencer Marketing Platform

HOW DOES FAMEBIT’S PLATFORM WORK? FameBit’s influencer marketing platform allows brands to sell their products/services through FameBit’s creators. Brands can submit campaigns with a minimum bid of $100. FameBit’s creators can then express interest in submitted campaigns and if selected by the brand, will create social media content for the campaign to promote the brand […]

Time, Inc. & StyleHaul Launch Brand Partnerships

Time Inc., the magazine publisher, and YouTube network, StyleHaul, have signed a multiyear advertising partnership. Howard Homonoff, writing in Forbes, explains what the old school and new kid on the block media companies hope to win from the long-term relationship: Time Inc.  For Time Inc.’s established magazines (and their own writers and editors), StyleHaul exposes […]

Peer influence: Our biggest influencers are ‘people like us’

Originally posted on Scott Guthrie:
Immune to the advertisers’ guile we increasingly turn to people just like us to help make decisions about what to buy – writes Scott Guthrie Social media, search and smart phones, have handed us the power to compare prices, complain loudly, and share opinions like never before. As consumers we’ve…